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“Power up your ride with our premium custom lithium ion battery packs! Say goodbye to cheap Chinese batteries and hello to reliable and dependable Samsung and LG cells. Perfect for commercial pedicabs, off-grid living, mandatory solar, and more. Our custom-made and custom-shaped battery packs are built to last 2500-3000 cycles, with an impressive lifespan of 5-11 years depending on use and weather conditions. Plus, enjoy a 1-year warranty and a free 2 amp battery charger. Don’t settle for less – upgrade your ride with our premium battery packs today!”

WorkHorse 2000

This is our most popular brand with 20 amp hours of power, you can do your errands, commute to work or enjoy a leisurely ride out and about town. With 40-50 miles between charging with pedal assist, you can go the distance!

48V 20AH

Triangle 2000

This is the favorite when you need agility and nimbleness. This 20 amp hour battery pack fits snuggly in the bike's triangle so you can maneuver ever so swiftly! No need for a luggage rack! Just attach to the bike and you're on your way!

Workhorse 3000

When you really need distance, this is the one! With 30 amp hours of power this is a favorite with commuters and delivery personnel! With 60-70 miles between charging with pedal assist, you can go the distance!

Some of the companies that experienced our batteries

"What I love about these batteries is that I can do local errands without increasing my carbon footprint. This is a product I will definitely purchase again"
Alene E
HR Manager
“The battery I purchased was everything I hoped for and more. it was quite zippy also responsive and didn't bog down when I was on the beach. You can definitely feel the difference"
Jonas G

Enjoy the batterypack of your life

BatteryHulk 2023

No Refunds After 30 Days Of Purchase.

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